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Baby Travel Made Soo Simple

Does it seem that every time you look around your Day Care Mom Buddies are bolting off to Grandma & Grampas on the East Coast or taking a spur of the moment trip to Aunt Janes in Los Angeles!  Just how do they manage this with 2 or 3 children or even infants? You can barely get to the Market without “Lugging Baby Stuff.”

Word to the Wise. Travel Lite!  Really, your Lil Ones don’t need to drag every toy they own on the plane & you don’t need to lug an umbrella and a jogging stroller— just in case!

The secret is to pack up the Babies and RENT all the other Stuff!  Baby Gear Rental. What a Concept.. Try it. You might get more spontaneous Family Vacations.  Can you say  AHHHHHH……..

Travel SystemBooster Seat with Tray


3 thoughts on “Baby Travel Made Soo Simple

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  2. Awesome service!! We traveled with our 2yr old twins from Australia to Los Angeles and was so pleased to have our cribs and high chairs delivered prior to our arrival.
    What a sigh of relief!

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